The 10 Best Yoga Wheels - Ultimate Buyer's Guide 2020

The 10 Best Yoga Wheels – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2020

You may be here due to back pain you have been experiencing, or maybe you are looking for a new recovery tool to use after workouts. Perhaps you are just beginning yoga, and want to maximize your ribcage expansion. Either way, you came to the right place. This article will be discussing the benefits of yoga wheels, why you should use one, how to use one, and the different types of yoga wheels. This is going to be a comprehensive review of the best yoga wheels on the market today. Each yoga wheel will be reviewed based on quality, price, and effectiveness. 

Yoga wheels have been receiving a lot of hype over the last few years. However, the hype is for a good reason. The yoga wheel is an amazing tool that can be used by anyone. They are not just for yoga practitioners! Anyone can benefit from using a yoga wheel, and I have seen lots of people relieve their chronic back pain by using this device. Yoga wheels are very similar to the popular recovery tool foam rollers. If you are interested in foam rollers check out my complete guide here. However, yoga wheels are slightly different than foam rollers, but hold similar purposes and benefits.

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UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel for Back Pain - Deep Tissue Massage - Yoga Back Roller Wheel for Back Pain Relief Stretching Myofascial Release Mobility (Cyan 12", 12)
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Risefit Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel for Yoga Poses, Wood
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Nature's Integrity Yoga Wheel for Stretching and Back Pain - 13" Dharma Yoga Circle Ring, Back Stretcher, Spine Roller - Deep Tissue Massage - Myofascial Release- Bonus Pose Guide Included
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What Are Yoga Wheels?

Yoga wheels are hollow circular shaped devices. They first were created by Sri Dharma Mittra and his son Dov Vargas as a yoga accessory device. However, the yoga wheel has transitioned from being solely a yoga device to now a recovery tool used by many people around the world. The yoga wheel is designed to be rolled up and down the back to release muscular tension and increase range of motion of the spine.

Similar to foam rollers, the yoga wheel can be used as a recovery tool following exercise to help relieve sore muscles and reduce muscular tension. Also, it can be used for those with back pain to help mobilize the spine and free-up restrictions. The yoga wheel really is a universal tool that everyone could benefit from using. The yoga wheel in some cases is better than the foam roller due to the design. Unlike the foam roller which is long and covers the entire back, the yoga wheel has a more direct contact point on the spine. Which means more pressure is being put directly on your spine to help mobilize and treat the area. Also, the unique design allows for more of a contouring fit as your back extends over the device, and can aide with expansion of the ribcage.

Benefits Of Using A Yoga Wheel

The yoga wheel is a fantastic tool to help gain flexibility of the abdominals, chest muscles, ribcage, and hip flexors. By extending overtop of the device you can get a fantastic stretch and open up the entire front portion of your body. This is one of the main benefits of the yoga wheel, and what differentiates it from the foam roller. You cannot open up your chest and hip flexors as well on a foam roller compared to a yoga wheel. The stretching and flexibility the yoga wheel provides is one of its main attributes. Especially in today’s society with everyone suffering from poor posture and chronically tight chest or “pectoralis” muscles. The yoga wheel can release these tight areas, and help relieve back pain due to poor posture.

The 10 Best Yoga Wheels - Ultimate Buyer's Guide 2020

There are a ton of benefits of the yoga wheel. Whether you are using it for yoga poses, back pain relief, or recovery. The yoga wheel can help release muscular tension and mobilize the spine. The direct contact point allows great contouring of the spine and ribcage overtop of the device. Which can aide with extending the spine and expanding the ribcage. There really is endless benefits to using a yoga wheel.

Yoga Wheel For Yoga Poses

There are tons of benefits from using a yoga wheel, and many ways a yoga practitioner can utilize this device. It be used for various yoga poses like the reclining easy pose, wheel-assisted child’s pose, pyramid pose, lizard lunge, you name it! These are just a glimpse of the various yoga poses that can be done with the yoga wheel. The yoga wheel can be used in a standing position or laying on its side for other yoga poses. However, most poses can be done with you laying on top of the device. Other poses can be done by holding onto the yoga wheel with one hand as you go into a deeper stretch. However, yoga poses are just a small part of what you can really do with the yoga wheel.

Using A Yoga Wheel For Back Pain

The 10 Best Yoga Wheels - Ultimate Buyer's Guide 2020

Another great benefit of using a yoga wheel is the extension of the spine you can achieve. The spine was designed to move in many different directions. However, most people do not move their spine. It becomes stiff and stuck in a forwardly flexed position. This is the main causes of back pain that many people experience. The yoga wheel can help free-up this stiffness and extend the spine. It is a fantastic tool to gain range of motion of your spine. Not only that, but it can expand the ribcage. Ribcage movement is very important for proper breathing and deep breathing techniques. However, most people are restricted throughout the ribcage making them chest breathers. Chest breathing is only allowing air into the top portions of the lungs, and is restricting full breathing with inhalation. It is important to properly engage the diaphragm and utilize full ribcage expansion when breathing. The yoga wheel is really good at achieving ribcage expansion, and I have seen many people change their breathing capacity after using a yoga wheel.

How Do I Use A Yoga Wheel?

There are various ways to use a yoga wheel, and it all depends on the purpose you are using it. If you are using it for yoga, then you can incorporate various yoga poses on top of the wheel. Also, you can perform many yoga poses by holding onto the device. Some yoga poses like the yoga wheel Crow Pose can be done with the yoga wheel on its side. However, in most cases the yoga wheel will be standing upright while using.The 10 Best Yoga Wheels - Ultimate Buyer's Guide 2020

If you are using the yoga wheel for the other benefits like spine mobilization, flexibility, and back pain relief. Then you simply start in a sitting position on the floor, and position the yoga wheel in the middle of your back near the top of your shoulders. You begin by leaning back into the yoga wheel until most of your weight is on the device. When you are ready you can begin lifting your butt off the floor, and put all your weight into the yoga wheel. You can then roll your back up/down the yoga wheel. You may even hear your back pop or crack which is totally fine, and normal.

How Often Should I Use A Yoga Wheel?

To get the benefits of using a yoga wheel, it really should be used daily. This is the best way to get back pain relief, gain flexibility, and get long lasting effects. The yoga wheel will slowly start to release tight muscles, mobilize the spine, and expand the ribcage. I recommend using a yoga wheel daily or multiple times a day. It really does not take long, and you will feel great after you use it. I know people with back pain who use the yoga wheel every hour, and it is the best way they can prevent back pain and get relief. However, for most people using it once or twice a day would be the most beneficial.

How Long Should I Use A Yoga Wheel?

I recommend using the yoga wheel for a good 5-10 minutes when you are rolling your back up/down the yoga wheel. This will allow enough time to open and release the chest muscles, and mobilize the entire spine. You can use the yoga wheel for a few minutes multiple times a day to get back pain relief, and see quicker results. I know people who use the yoga wheel in the morning to get a good stretch after sleeping, and then use it after work and before bed. It all depends on the reason you are using a yoga wheel, and your personal schedule. However, for stretches and yoga poses you can use the yoga wheel much longer.

The 10 Best Yoga Wheels

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Pro Series: Score 10/10
UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Pro Series

– Multiple Color Schemes
– Constructed With A Very Durable ABS Frame
– Supports Up To 550lbs

– Somewhat Expensive
– Thin Padding Compared to Some Others

First on our list has to be the UpCircleSeven Pro Series Yoga Wheel. This yoga wheel is amazing, and you can tell just by looking at it how elegant and high quality this yoga wheel is. It comes in a wide variety of color schemes, and looks very stylish in the design. My favorite is the wood grain design, which looks very elegant and stylish for a yoga wheel. One of the main reasons for UpCircleSeven being at the top of our list is the high quality and standards of this yoga wheel. This yoga wheel ships from the USA and comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The UpCircleSeven Pro Series is super durable and is constructed from a ABS frame with sweat resistant padding on the exterior. It even supports up to 550lbs! That speaks to the durability and high quality of this yoga wheel. Unlike some of the cheaper yoga wheels I have used, this yoga wheel does not bend or buckle. I recommend this yoga wheel for those who are serious about their recovery, back pain relief, or yoga. Even for those who just like a more stylish product.

Plexus Chirp Wheel: Score 10/10
Plexus Chirp Wheel

– Unique Spinal Canal
– Multiple Sizes for Various Purposes
– Perfect Sleek Design

– Complaints of Durability Issues
– Only One Color Scheme

The Plexus Chirp Wheel is my all time personal favorite. This yoga wheel is one of the best on the market, and is especially good for back pain relief and spine mobilization. The Chirp Wheel has a unique spinal canal that contours right along the spine. Which helps apply direct pressure to alleviate back pain and free-up spine restrictions.

The Plexus Chirp Wheel offers 3 different sizes including a 6 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch wheel. Each size holds different purposes and different firmness levels. The 12 inch is the most gentle, and is the most beneficial for a large overall stretch of the hips and chest. The 10 inch is a medium firmness, and is best for transitioning from the 12 inch to the 6 inch. The 6 inch is the most aggressive, but it is intended for deep tissue work. I highly recommend utilizing the 3-pack, so you can get the benefits of all 3 sizes. The Plexus Chirp Wheel is a great tool for mobilizing the spine, stretching, and releasing muscular tension.

REEHUT Yoga Wheel: Score 9.5/10
REEHUT Yoga Wheel

– Affordable Yoga Wheel
– Premium Anti-Slip Padding
– Three Exterior Foam Colors

– Only Supports 330lbs
– Reports of Lower Quality Compared to Others

Third on our list is the REEHUT Yoga Wheel. This yoga wheel is more affordable compared to some of the others, but is still a high quality yoga wheel. I like that they offer 3 different color foam schemes. The hollow core stays the same aqua blue, but the exterior foam is offered in black, purple, or pink. The REEHUT has a diameter of 12.6 inches with a 5 inch width, so it is great for full-body stretches. It even includes an ebook for a variety of stretches and uses.

This yoga wheel uses a TPE plastic inner that only supports up to 330lbs. 330lbs is still a lot, but the UpCircleSeven and Chirp Wheel are capable of supporting over 500lbs. The REEHUT wheel is still very strong and durable, but if you are a larger individual then I recommend a wheel like the two listed above.

Acumobility Yoga Wheel: Score 9.5/10
Acumobility Yoga Wheel

– Unique Gap to Contour the Spine
– Bumpy Exterior for Deep Pressure
– Supports up to 1000lbs

– Not Really Intended for Yoga Use
– Somewhat Expensive

The Acumobility Yoga Wheel is very unique due to the design. Acumobility was invented by a Chiropractor with more detail focused on supporting spinal mobility and extension. This yoga wheel features a unique gap which allows for more spinal mobilization compared to the standard flat yoga wheels. This yoga wheel is smaller in height compared to some of the other wheels at 11.5 inches tall. However, is quite wide at 7.5 inches in width.

The main benefit of the Acumobility yoga wheel is the bump pattern on the exterior. This is great for releasing muscular tension due to the deep pressure the bumps will provide. You can even use this device on your legs and arms, and is more similar to a foam roller in that aspect. This device is very well built, and even supports up to 1000lbs! So, durability is not an issue with the Acumobility wheel. I recommend this yoga wheel for those with back pain or those who want to use a yoga wheel more as a recovery tool. The bumpy design of the Acumobility wheel is more suited for back pain relief and recovery as opposed to yoga. You can still use this device for yoga poses, but I would recommend a device like UpCircleSeven if you are getting this yoga wheel for yoga purposes.

Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel: Score 9.5/10
Pete's Choice Yoga Wheel

– Large Diameter Wheel for Multiple Uses
– Hypoallergenic Materials
– Includes Yoga Strap and Comprehensive Ebook

– Only Supports 350lbs
– Only One Color Option

Number 5 on our list is Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel. This yoga wheel is simple, but holds high quality standards with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel is 13 inches in diameter and 5.1 inches wide, so it is intended for a more gentler superficial use compared to some of the smaller wheels.

Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel is made from durable PC materials that are skin safe and hypoallergenic. The only things I don’t like about this yoga wheel is that it only supports up to 350lbs, which is not as much compared to some of the others that support 500lbs plus. Also, this yoga wheel is only offered in one color. However, Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel is high quality and effective for back pain relief and yoga poses. It even includes a yoga strap with an ebook containing 16 unique poses that can be done with Pete’s Choice Yoga Wheel. I recommend this yoga wheel more for the yoga practitioner.

Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheel: Score 9/10
Nature's Integrity Yoga Wheel

– Supports up to 650lbs
– Offered in Teal, Pink, and Purple
– Very Affordable

– May be Less Quality Compared to Others
– Some Report it Looks Cheap

Nature’s Integrity Yoga Wheel is one of the most affordable on our list. However, it is still made with high quality materials and can support up to 650lbs! Which is even a higher weight capacity than some of the other more expensive yoga wheels. This yoga wheel made our list at number 6 due to the great value that Nature’s Integrity offers.

This yoga wheel is offered in 3 color schemes from teal, pink, and purple. I really like the extra thick padding on this yoga wheel, because it is super comfortable. I recommend this yoga wheel for those who are new to yoga wheels. Due to the amazing price, this is a great option for those who have never used a yoga wheel before. So you can get a feel for using a yoga wheel, before purchasing a more expensive higher quality yoga wheel. You will still experience the amazing benefits of using a yoga wheel with this cheaper option.

Risefit Yoga Wheel: Score 9/10
Risefit Yoga Wheel

– Amazing Color Schemes and Designs
– Supports up to 1000lbs
– Good Price

– Some Say Too Firm
– Thin Padding

Risefit’s Yoga Wheel has the best color schemes and designs hands down. This yoga wheel comes in Teal, Speckled Paint, Cork Wood, Cork Teal, and even a Purple Sky design. These designs are awesome, and some of the best I have seen on a yoga wheel. If you are into looking stylish while using your yoga wheel, then consider Risefit’s yoga wheel.

However, Risefit Yoga Wheel is not just for looks. This yoga wheel is incredibly strong and has a INTERTEK report rated up to 1000lbs! So, even with stylish designs this yoga wheel is made extremely durable. I recommend this yoga wheel for anyone who is into stylish designs or wants to stand out at their next yoga session.

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel: Score 9/10
Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel

– USA Made
– Thick TPE Padding
– Veteran Owned & Operated

– Some Say Uncomfortable
– No Unique Color or Designs

Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel is a great product with extreme durability tested at 500lbs. Shogun Sports is a USA Veteran owned and operated company that holds high quality standards for all their products. They use TPE padding on their yoga wheel, so it is water-proof and sweat-proof. Meaning moisture and bacteria free, which is important when you are going to be sweating on your yoga wheel!

The TPE padding is also 3/4inches thick which is one of the most padded yoga wheels on our list. The thick padding will offer extreme support and comfort. I like that Shogun Sports offers a bundle pack with a large and small diameter wheel. It actually is a great value too. If you are looking for a great quality USA made product, then Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel is meant for you. It is great to support our Veterans as well.

Body Wheel Yoga Wheel: Score 8.5/10
Body Wheel Yoga Wheel

– Unique Design
– Multiple Sizes
– Added Grips for Serious Yogis

– Constructed with Foam
– Designed More for Serious Yoga or Acrobat Practitioners

The Body Wheel is a fairly new spin on the standard yoga wheel design. This yoga wheel does not feature the standard hollow core, but instead is a foam wheel with multiple gaps inside. The Body Wheel was designed to be more versatile than the standard yoga wheel. It is meant to incorporate multiple grips within the wheel for a more deeper stretch when used.

The Body Wheel comes in a few different sizes such as 9 inches, 12 inches, and 15 inches. Body Wheel has invented this unique yoga wheel to bridge the gap between foam rollers and yoga wheels. I recommend this yoga wheel for serious yoga practitioners, or those who want to utilize these added features to the standard yoga wheel.

UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set: Score 8.5/10
UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel Set

– Great Value Bundle Set
– Three Sizes Included
– High Quality Company

– Most Do Not Need 3 Yoga Wheels
– Somewhat Expensive

Last on our list is the 3-pack bundle from UpCircleSeven. However, this yoga wheel is not last on our list due to quality or effectiveness. UpCircleSeven makes some of the best yoga wheels on the market today, which is why their pro series yoga wheel made #1 on our list. However, this set is the 3-pack they offer. Which includes a 6inch, 10inch, and 12 inch yoga wheel.

The only reason this set is last on our list is because most people do not need 3 yoga wheels. However, some will benefit from this 3-pack bundle. All the sizes are effective and provide different purposes. I recommend this bundle set for those who want a high quality bundle set for their home or studio. UpCircleSeven makes some of the best high quality yoga wheels, and this set is a great value.

Final Thoughts

There are many options when it comes to yoga wheels, but this guide includes the hands down best yoga wheels on the market today. This ultimate buyer’s guide considered various things such as price, quality, and effectiveness when ranking the best yoga wheels. So the hard work is done for you! Make sure to get a yoga wheel that is going to meet your needs. If you are looking for a yoga wheel to use just for yoga poses, then consider a good yoga wheel like UpCircleSeven. However, if you are getting a yoga wheel for back pain relief or stretching, then consider a yoga wheel like Acumobility or Plexus Chirp Wheel.

It is important to get a yoga wheel that will be best suited for you. Some people prefer larger yoga wheels, whereas others want a smaller diameter for deep tissue work. It all depends on personal preference. Either way, the yoga wheel you decide on will be one of the best purchases you made for your body and spine health. Use your yoga wheel daily to see the best results!

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